Research and Design The Company PR.A.IT. was born in Perugia in 1990 based on a detailed analysis of world economic trends and further to consider that the single professionalism necessarily specialized, is not enough to solve the multitude of problems which the designer has to bear in plant technology and…

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Industry Design and Safety Management System PR.A.IT it’s a cooperative society made up of a team of experts from various technical fields. The team of experts is made up of both young dynamic both by professionals working for many years in the design and management of …

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Training Division The synergy between design, research and consulting firm founded the center of training for specialized courses in safety and fire protection that exceeds the traditional concept of education front by integrating it with the training and testing. Since 2012 …

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EcoNet offers the best services to communicate effectively through the Web. We are at your side in the design, implementation and maintenance of your Web site, in all Internet services and all home automation systems. Infromatic sector: Internet service providers, web design …

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INSPECTION PERIODIC REVIEW PPE From today we also deal with the review of DPI with professionalism and accuracy for each device releasing an inspection report certifying the checks and inspections carried out.
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