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President: Giammario Baldoni   Curricula  

The company PRAIT works in private and public sector, in the context of:

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Eviroment and architecture : responsible Maurizio Grasselli     

  • Dranfting projects of fire prevention;
  • Design of active and passive fire safety;
  • Acoustc desin, environmental noise impact assessments and measurement phonometric;
  • Various enviromental practices;
  • Drafting various building practices for licensure or municipal health;
  • Construction site safety coordination in the planning and execution;
  • Supervision of construction works;
  • Technical advice and expertise within the various building;
  • Architectural design of buildings for civil, commercial, industrial;

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 Electrical engineering, thermal engineering and energy : responsible Simone Suriani     

  • Electrical design of electrical and electronic;
  • Dlectrical design of plants in places with risk of explosion;
  • Designing grounding systems and protection against lightning;
  • Electrical design of power plants for the production and transformation cabins;
  • Lighting design;
  • Technical advice and expertise in the electrical;
  • Thermal engineering design (heating, cooling, heat production plants);
  • Thermal-hydraulic and mechanical construction supervision works;
  • Design of energy saving measures;
  • Design of cogeneration plants;
  • Design of facilities for the use of renewable energy sources and the use of alternative energy resources;
  • Feasibility studies of interventions that are significant energy savings;
  • Energy Manager activities in accordance with Law 10/91;
  • Planning activities of home automation systems and PLCs;

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Safety and training: responsible Erica Baldoni      

  • Advice and drafting documents relating to health and safety in the workplace and in the industrial sector both in the yard; risk management and resolution of safety problems;
  • Management consulting of systems OHSAS 18001 and patterns of organization and management under D.Lgs.n. 231/01; Auditor of Part I and II for OHSAS 18001 management systems and models of organization and management under D.Lgs.n. 231/01;
  • RSPP role;
  • Coordination of security in the planning and execution;
  • Instrumental measurements of physical agents;
  • Training in health and safety in the workplace;