In reference to the provisions Art.77 of Legislative Decree no. 81/08 amended, All.1 of Legislative Decree no. 475/92 and the UNI EN 365: 2005, Point 4.4 paragraph BC), it is the obligation of the employer submit a specific periodic inspection at least once YEAR (or less according to the manufacturer’s instructions).
This verification shall be conducted by an experienced and competent person in the manner provided for defining the technical standard.

Periodic Inspection and revision of PPE

What unites the PPE (acronym for Personal Protective Equipment)? Surely the CE certification requirement and the requirement of periodic review with a maximum of 12 months basis (sometimes less). If for CE certification you rely on the manufacturer, who prior to market the product certifies the features and compliance with applicable regulations, required annual inspection falls on the user / owner in accordance with EN 365. Not respect the PPE review can lead to accidents, injuries and even important administrative penalties. We handle the PPE review with professionalism and accuracy for each device releasing an inspection report certifying the checks and inspections carried out and applying a date at the next inspection intervention reminder.

PPE Revision as when and why:

Every 12 months is the maximum frequency within which to inspect or revise the PPE .
By submitting your devices, we will load a detailed inspection and certification for you managing the subsequent installments.

By way of example, we list the fall protective equipment that we can inspect:

– Fall Harnesses, positioning and suspension
– Fall-Absorbing Lanyards
– Helmets
– Reach Systems EN360
– Longue and lanyards generally
– Connectors
– Trolleys fall stairs EN353-1
– Breathing Apparatus

We work with courier and your devices are returned inspected within 2/3 working days.
Do not hesitate to ask for information, rely on professionals in the review PPE .

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