The company PR.A.IT and its divisions, PR.A.IT Planning, Educational institution and informatics division EcoNet, are able to provide full service in the technical – engineering, technical – IT and teaching, addressing design work and site management, counseling and technical documentation training of the workers who work in construction site / company, the IT management through special archives of all documents pertaining to the work and the design / maintenance of your website. This modus operandi results in a higher quality standard of the work and in a considerable saving of execution times and, consequently, the costs of realization.

The division training organization, is responsible for training and education of workers in relation to Workplace Safety, Fire Protection for each level, the First Aid For each level, Conducting safe forklift trucks and earthmoving work, work at height and confined, work in places that contain asbestos, as well as responsible as higher education courses, course for trainers and courses for technicians of the show, Audio – Video and lights; these titles are just some examples of the courses offered.

The division econet, ensure its technical-computing, will have access to the computer systems of the latest generation, and will be at your side in the design, implementation and maintenance of your Web site, in all Internet services and all home automation systems.

This operating system enhances the peculiarities of our society, made up of sectors working with autonomous structures and orbiting structure-mother, allowing the rapid exchange real-time data access and verification continues the trend of the order.
The advantages obtained with this methodology allows the reduction of downtime and speeding operational execution.